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Samuel – 1 Samuel 2

Sunday, January 9: Samuel

1 Samuel 2

In a sermon on 1 Samuel 2, F.B. Meyer said, “What the children see they imitate.” There is truth to that.

Last week, we looked at Hannah’s story because what Samuel saw in his mother, he imitated. We saw Hannah cry out to God in bitterness, and we saw the Lord remembered her.

I am certain that Samuel heard this story from his mother.

First Samuel 2 recounts Hannah’s prayer in response to Samuel’s birth. On one level, it is kind of a thanksgiving prayer—Hannah recognizes God as the one who gives life and delivers his faithful ones. But for a prayer birthed out of a baby, there is shockingly little about the baby himself. In fact, most of the prayer is about the Giver, not the gift.

When we take a closer look at Hannah’s prayer, we see that there is more going on than what immediately meets the eye. Hannah’s prayer is the theological theme of the book. It contains lessons that the young mother probably taught her child on her annual trips to the tabernacle. And as we will see, the lessons didn’t end with Samuel. He passed them on as well.

“The Lord brings low and He exalts. He will guard the feet of his faithful ones.” Samuel needed to hear these words from his mother and we need to hear them today.

Join us this week as we look at Hannah’s prayer and find out what it looks like to be faithful in our day.

See you Sunday!

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