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Psalms – Psalm 34

Sunday, June 23: Psalms

Psalm 34

We’re kicking off our Summer series in the Psalms by reading a Psalm of David in a pretty strange time of his life.

He’s coming off of a pretty big military victory, he’s been honoring God with his words and with his deeds, when out of nowhere, his friends become his enemies and he has to flee the country. He hides out in enemy territory, plays crazy to keep from being executed, and out of this weird cocktail of emotions, he turns to God in a song of gratitude.

So how can he give thanks to God in the midst of persecution, in the midst of being unjustly pursued, and in the midst of humiliation? Because he is rooted in God.

Any of the other identity markers that might have defined him would have fallen away in the face of this whirlwind of opposition, but because David boasts in the Lord he stands firm.

Join us this week as we talk about the example that David gives us of placing our identity in God, of experiencing God, and of living a life that demonstrates that reality.

See you Sunday!


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