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Mother’s Day and Baby Dedication

Sunday, May 14: Mother’s Day, Baby Dedication and a Message for Everyone

We get to celebrate Moms and dedicate some babies this Sunday, which is always delightful and meaningful, but we will also have a message based on a story in the Bible. It’s about a young woman who becomes a mother and a mother who becomes a grandmother.  That should work for Mother’s Day, don’t you think? The story is from the O.T. Book of Ruth but it has a message for everyone.

Ruth is perfect for Mother’s Day because, among other things, it’s been described as a chick book. Over half of the book is dialogue. Something happens and then they talk about it. There’s lots of talking. That’s not a judgment, just a statistical fact.

That said, don’t bail on me guys. The Book of Ruth is a terrific story and a favorite of many people even though the men folk are picked off in the first five verses. It’s also true that it’s a love story but only when a manly man named Boaz enters the picture.

Then there’s some drama and romance but also some mystery because you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. It’s a nail biter with a surprise ending. Along the way, however, it has some great reminders for Moms and some important lessons for us all, as it points us to Jesus.

See you on Sunday!