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Moses – Exodus 13–15

Sunday, March 24: Moses

Exodus 13–15

Having been freed from slavery in Egypt, the Israelite people find themselves setting off in a new direction. For the first time since they were enslaved the Israelites are confronted with the immensity of the question, “What now?” Now that we don’t have to make bricks everyday, now that we don’t have to serve in slavery, where do we go? What are we supposed to do?

What we’ll see is God leading them on a path, and in a way that maybe doesn’t make sense, at least from the point of view they’ve left behind. The false security they had in Egypt has been left behind, and now they’re following God, even when they don’t know how it will all work out.

What we’ll see this week is that following in faith, where God leads us, brings us to and through places we wouldn’t expect. The path that God lays out for us is often difficult to anticipate, but always leads to our best possible good.

Join us this week as we see the unexpected and wild path that God leads his people on, and what happens when we follow God faithfully.

See you Sunday!


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