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Lord of All Acts – 12:1–24

Sunday, November 18: Lord of All

Acts 12:1–24

Christmas is still a few weeks away, but I thought it might be nice to have an early Christmas message this year.

It’s the story of Mary and a miracle. It’s a story where an Angel appears with a message of hope. There is a star and a stable and even the murderous King Herod plays a prominent role.

What’s surprising, however, is that this message isn’t found in the birth accounts of Matthew or Luke. In fact, it’s not in the gospels at all. It’s found in the book of Acts.

It turns out to be a different Mary. It’s also a different Herod. It might have been the same Angel but since they all look alike we can’t be sure. I lied about the star and the stable.

Nevertheless, it’s a story like the Christmas story. It’s a story of God miraculously breaking into time and space in a surprising, supernatural way. See you on Sunday!


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