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Jacob – Genesis 26–27

Sunday, January 15: Jacob

Genesis 26–27

Have you ever found yourself saying that you have been blessed by God? What does that mean?Is blessing proof that God loves us more than others?

Is blessing a sign that we are better or more righteous than most people?

What about those who don’t experience blessing? What about those who suffer? Are they loved less? Did they do something to deserve suffering? Did they forfeit God’s blessing?

If you want God’s blessing on your life, what do you do?

Genesis 26 and 27 are all about God’s blessing. First, Isaac inherits the blessing from Abraham. Then, we have one of the strangest and most comical stories in Genesis—Jacob puts goat skin on his neck and arms so that he can trick his dim-visioned father into blessing him instead of Esau. Shockingly, his farfetched plan works and he steals the blessing from his brother. But at what cost? What was it that he stole, and did God approve of his ruse?

While many of us are familiar with the story of Jacob stealing the blessing from Esau, we might not be as familiar with what this passage teaches us about God and His blessing. What does it mean to be blessed by God? Who does God bless? Is blessing something we work for? Can a blessing be stolen?

Find out this week! See you on Sunday!