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I am with you – John 14:15-31

As we come to John 14:15-31 we know something about the emotional state of Jesus’ disciples as they begin to absorb the announcement of his imminent departure.

We know they are anxious, or soon will be, because Jesus tells them to “let not your hearts be troubled.” We know they are feeling abandoned and alone because he promises “to not leave them as orphans.” Finally, we know they are experiencing the first palpitations of panic because he says, “neither let your hearts be afraid.”

Anxious. Alone. Afraid.

If the truth were known about us, I wonder how many would say that, to one degree or another, one or more of those words describe feelings that dog our days and keep us awake at night. Worry. Loneliness. Fear.

The good news is this. Jesus promises his disciples, and us, to send a “Helper” who takes up residence in us, so that we can cope with everything that life throws at us. See you on Sunday.


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