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Follow Me – Mark 14:32–72

Sunday, December 6: Follow Me

Mark 14:32–72

One reason I appreciate the Bible as God’s true account, is the way they deal with the “heroes” of faith. You know the men and women we look up to and think how amazing followers of God they are.

Moses split the red sea… and then in a fit of impatience he disqualified himself to see the promised land. David defeated Goliath and became an amazing king… right before he tore families apart through deception and selfishness to the point of murder and adultery. Solomon was the wisest of all mankind, he even built the temple for God… but his palace was full of hundreds of women he bed with. Peter walked on water… yet he denied Christ in his darkest hour.

The Bible is honest. It doesn’t sugarcoat what a relationship with God looks like. Will we have immense joy as Christians? Yes and amen! Will we see God do amazing things in our lifetime? Yes and amen! Will we fail him over and over again in our walk of faith? Yes and amen… wait, um. Yes and amen?

Jesus sums our relationship up nicely this week when he encourages Peter with the phrase “your spirit is willing, but your flesh is weak.” We desire to follow Jesus, but we lose focus. So what are some actions steps we can take? Jesus gives us that challenge as well. Will you take a step of faith and obedience and recommit to it?

See you Sunday as we continue our series in the gospel of Mark.

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