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Doctrine – Holy Spirit

Sunday, August 14: Doctrine

Holy Spirit

What’s the big deal about the Holy Spirit? Is it frosting on the Christian cake? Only for the most holy of Christians? Do we even need to mess with the Holy Spirit if we have Jesus?

Charles Spurgeon once wrote, “Without the Spirit of God, we can do nothing. We are as ships without the wind, branches without sap, and like coals without fire, we are useless.”

That’s a pretty big claim considering that according to a recent Barna group study almost 60% of self-professed Christians think “The Holy Spirit is not a real, living being but is merely a symbol of God’s power, presence, or purity.”

While the Holy Spirit may not be a person that is as easy to point to as Jesus, it is very real, fully God, and at work in the lives of Christians everywhere. The Holy Spirit is the presence of God on Earth, the third member of the Trinity, and the animating power that enables followers of Jesus to live the life that we are called to.

Join us this Sunday as we discuss the Holy Spirit’s presence with us, and how that equips us to live out the life that we have been invited into. See you Sunday!
Service times are at 9:30 & 11:00. If you can’t make it in person, you can watch live at those times.


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