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Bound by the Spirit – Acts 22

Sunday, October 27: Bound by the Spirit

Acts 22

Paul’s conversion is a pretty dramatic moment, he’s on his way to hunt down some Christians and he’s hit with a light so hard it knocks him off his horse. He hears the voice of Jesus himself, and it turns out the religion that he’s been chasing after is a dead end. He’s picked up, turned back around in the right direction, and sent out on his way. A powerful testimony of God’s work!

But really, not all redemption stories are like that. There are some “boring” testimonies out there. Raised in a Christian home, with loving parents. Accepted Jesus at VBS, followed Jesus through high school, still following Jesus today. Doing your best to love Jesus and those around you. Truth is, that’s also a powerful testimony of God’s work!

We tend to emphasize a dramatic testimony, and downplay a “boring” testimony in a way that demonstrates our own misunderstanding of God’s scandalous grace. As we look at the testimony of the apostle Paul in Acts 22, we’re going to be reminded of just how much God’s grace is poured out on us. So whether you grew up listening to Stephen Curtis Chapman or Stevie Nix, whether you listened to 3rd Day or 3 Dog Night, to DC Talk or AC/DC, God’s grace is for everyone.Join us this Sunday as we talk about God’s redemptive story in Paul’s life, and God’s redemptive story in each of our lives. See you Sunday!


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