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Bolivia Update

Sunday, April 9: Bolivia Update

We have spent the last few weeks in the Book of Hebrews in a series we have called Sacred Spaces. In it, we have been talking about ways to encounter God in the everyday. Encountering God means living the way that Jesus lived—with eyes open to the hurts of the world around us.

This week we will pause from our Sacred Spaces series to talk about our ongoing relationship with Ushpa Ushpa, Bolivia. We will be joined by two representatives from Food for the Hungry (FH) in Bolivia—Juan Pablo Belmonte and Abi Barrau. We have a team leaving for Bolivia in a few weeks, and Juan Pablo and Abi will share with us about the importance of our partnership. The people of Believers Fellowship currently sponsor over 200 children in Ushpa Ushpa, and together with FH we are helping break the cycle of poverty there.

Juan Pablo and Abi have become good friends over the years and I am excited for our upcoming trip. Join us this week as we hear about what God is doing in Bolivia and in our congregation! See you then!