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Bolivia Sunday 2019

Sunday, November 24: Bolivia Sunday 2019

Ten years ago, we entered into a partnership with Food for the Hungry to work in a Bolivian community called Ushpa Ushpa. In 2010, things were bleak in Ushpa Ushpa—there was no clean water, the schools were under-resourced, parents were compromising their kids’ safety to make ends meet, and the churches were struggling to survive.But in the years since, conditions have improved thanks in a large part to Food for the Hungry and our partnership. Families now have access to clean water. A local resource library enables kids to get extra help without travelling to the city. Classes on parenting, microenterprise, and nutrition have equipped parents to better care for their children. The churches are growing and engaging the community.

This week, we are stepping away from Acts to look at some of Paul’s words on missions written in Romans and 2 Corinthians. In those letters, Paul reminded his churches that God shows special concern for the poor and that when we help others, He is glorified.

Join us this week as we reflect on the last 10 years and find out what is next! See you on Sunday.


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