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The Judges – Judges 4 & 5

Sunday, January 17: The Judges

Judges 4 & 5

We see, yet again, the cycle that the Israelites have fallen into after moving into the new neighborhood. This week is the same thing only different… and we get two judges to see how God interacts with His people. This is good news for us! We are more similar to the people of God in Judges than we may like to admit. When things are going well, we tend to forget about God. When things start to go sideways, we try to fix it ourselves. Sometimes, as a last resort, we turn to God. This is the negative example that we need to be aware of! We need to make prayer a FIRST response, and not a LAST resort.

This week will be filled with both disobedience and faithfulness. Good guys and bad guys. Humility and trust versus pride and power.

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