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Son of God – Mark 2:13–3:6

Sunday, January 19: Son of God

Mark 2:13–3:6

Do you have that friend who is an amazing storyteller? The one who, even when you have previously heard the story, makes it dynamic with their energy and enthusiasm? The Gospel of Mark is kind of like that. Mark, with enthusiasm and energy, loves to tell the story of Jesus!

This weekend, we explore four short stories about Jesus. They all point to a common thread, but each is a distinct story that Mark gives. We will see Jesus feasting with sinners. We will see Jesus break cultural expectations and upset the old-time traditions. And we will see Jesus choose the love of others over the man-made laws the religion of the day has set up.

If we are to live like Jesus, what do we see in these four stories that show us how to love others, keep God as the focus, and not give in to cultural pressures?

See you Sunday!


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