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Signs – John 7:28–39

Sunday, January 1: Signs

John 7:28–39

Sometimes the best way to teach something new is to build off an existing idea. You set a foundation, and brick by brick, work with people to build up something new. Whether it’s mathematics, writing out letters, or growing our crops, we start simple and move into the profound.

Jesus’ witness to his people was beautifully connected to what they already understood about God. He made a point of saying that he had not come to condemn the law, but to fulfill it. To demonstrate the truth that it pointed to. In John 7, Jesus attends a feast that culminates in the pouring out of water, a powerful image in a desert climate.

Building off the established understanding, Jesus delivers incredible news: Just like the pouring out of life-giving water that was celebrated, the life-giving Spirit of God was being poured out through him.

Join us this Sunday as we continue to read through Jesus’ sermon at the feast of tabernacles, and consider the implications of a world saturated by the Holy Spirit.

See you Sunday!


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