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Signs – John 7:1–36

Sunday, December 11: Signs

John 7:1–36

In chapter 7 of John, we read through a bit of a pause in the action part of Jesus’ ministry. People have an opportunity to consider all the things that they’ve seen this Jesus person do, and even potentially come to some conclusions as to how it affects their lives.

The regular festival celebrating God’s presence with his people in their desert wandering is being celebrated, and at first it looks like Jesus is going to stick to the sidelines for a bit.

Instead, we see Jesus very much in the middle of everything, and people are forced to answer whether he is a good man sent by God, or a liar who misleads the people.

In a time when Jesus has been folded into the same category as the Easter bunny and Santa Claus, it’s worth considering the message of Jesus in it’s full potency. We must either reject him as a dangerous liar, or recognize the significance of who he claims to be.

Join us this Sunday as we continue to consider the signs of Jesus, and the implications on our lives that we can draw from his message.

See you Sunday!


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