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Signs – John 12:27–36

Sunday, April 23, 2023

John 12:27–36

If you had one chance to share a message with the entire world, what would you say?

What if you were chosen to be a colonist on Mars—sent off on a one-way trip with no future contact with earth. Before boarding the rocket, with television cameras and microphones in your face, what would you say to the world before you left?

What do you think Jesus would say?

We have been tracking with Jesus for twelve chapters of the Gospel of John as He has performed seven signs that He is the Christ, the Son of God. Jesus will spend his last week with the Twelve, so John 12:37–36 is his last words to the public before his arrest.

Not surprisingly, Jesus talks about the cross. He prays to the Father, expressing the troubles in his soul with the task at hand. In his prayer, we see a very human Jesus. But the Son is also faithful, courageous, and steadfast—ever committed to the Missio Dei. The Father and Son have a moment together, and through that moment, the scriptures bring us into the inner workings of the Trinity and God’s heart for redeeming mankind.

But that’s not all—Jesus also has a stern charge for us. While the Son was sent to seek and save the lost, there are other forces at play that would destroy us. Their defeat is certain, but we must be alert and faithful, lest we be overcome!

Join us this week as we eavesdrop on the Father and Son’s most intimate conversation about the cross and we remind ourselves of the victory that was won through it!

See you on Sunday!
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