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Samuel – 1 Samuel 3:1–21

Sunday, January 23: Samuel

1 Samuel 3:1–21

The idea of a vocation, or a calling is often somewhat abstract.

It’s not always your career, but sometimes it is. It’s not always what you’re doing to pay the bills, but ideally it’s where you’re spending a good chunk of your life.

It’s not the same for everybody, but as Fredrick Buechner writes, it is “The place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet”

In our passage this week we’ll see a young man respond to the invitation God presents to him to participate in the world’s deep hunger. We’ll see a young man say “Here I am” to God’s call.

As we consider the call, and response, of Samuel this week, we’ll also consider where God is calling us, and how we go about figuring that out.

See you Sunday!

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