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Remain – John 13:18–30

Sunday, September 17, 2023

John 13:18–30

Judas’ story is so scandalous that he has become a by-word, for betrayal even outside of the church. He’s the insider who sits at the foot of Jesus, who has access to God in the flesh, and chooses to give him over to be killed. He’s the perpetual villain, either money-hungry, or jealous, and utterly unfaithful. And yet, Jesus had a place for him at the table.

Where Judas fails, Jesus’ response to him demonstrates a disposition of unceasing love. A tough question worth asking is, “What can we learn from Judas?” an ever harder question is, “How have I been living like Judas?” The choice to choose ease, comfort, or even just familiarity instead of Jesus is a choice that we are presented with every day.

Join us this Sunday as we talk through those choices, and remember Jesus’ response.

See you Sunday!


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