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Remain – John 13:1–17

Sunday, September 10, 2023

John 13:1–17

With summer in the rear-view mirror, we look ahead to the fall. We are picking back up in the Book of John for part two of three. Together, we studied the first 12 chapters of John, we called Signs. We saw how all of what Jesus did and said pointed to his role as a messiah and savior. John recorded specific signs and wonders to show us who Jesus is, and to testify that he truly is the Son of God.

In part two, we move from Jesus’ public ministry, to his private ministry. Traditionally called “the Upper Room Discourse,” Jesus teaches his disciples all that he can in his last 24 hours before being crucified. We are choosing the title “Remain” for part two. Through Jesus’ action, teaching, and encouragement, we are inspired to remain firm in our faith. To remain in Jesus as the true vine. To remain in hope that Jesus is preparing a place for us. To remain faithful while we remain on earth.

This week we see Jesus model for us what humility looks like during the last supper. Through Jesus washing His disciples feet he not only models what he is teaching, but drives home how we are to serve those around us.

See you Sunday!


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