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Plowshares and Pruning Hook – Haggai

Sunday, August 7: Plowshares & Pruning Hooks


“Give careful thought to your ways.”
Haggai 1:5

As we have gone through eight of the Minor Prophets so far, there has essentially been a singular theme: “God is back and, boy, is He mad.” To his rebellious kids, God has given way more warnings than they deserve: “My love for you hasn’t changed but if you keep crossing the line, if you keep playing in the street, there will be consequences.”This week, however, we come to a theme that’s different. That’s because Haggai lived in a different time. The prophet delivers his message after the Lord had allowed the Babylonians to defeat the Kingdom of Judah and hold his people captive for 70 years. The good news is that God’s discipline had been effective and when his wayward kids returned to Jerusalem, they came home as compliant children.

In other words, when Haggai shows up on the scene, unlike the Minor Prophets who preceded him, he’s speaking to godly people; to people who are aren’t perfect but are generally predisposed to follow the Lord. As even godly people are apt to do, however, their priorities had become inverted over time and they had lost sight of what really matters. It turns out that what Haggai says to them, is also good for us. See you on Sunday!


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