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Steadfast – Nehemiah 5:1-19

The name Nehemiah is often synonymous with leadership. He was an organizational wizard, a courageous soldier, and an inspiring communicator. He used his gifts and his influence to solve a problem that had defeated all of his predecessors, and he did all of this under constant threat of attack.

But none of those things were the key to his leadership success.

Nehemiah wasn’t successful because of his gifting; he was successful because of his character.

In Nehemiah 5:1–19 we catch a glimpse of Nehemiah’s character. Ironically, we see it in his biggest mistake. Nehemiah makes a difficult leadership decision that causes the people to want to walk off the job and pray to God for justice against him. Fortunately, Nehemiah had the wisdom to realize his mistake and the courage to make things right. That’s probably why he was where he was in the first place.

Join us this week as we continue our sermon series on Nehemiah and look at my favorite chapter in the story. See you on Sunday!


  1. Matt thanks for sharing your love for the book of Nehemiah . I learned more about this man and his heart for God and his people and his desire to do the right thing.

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