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Lord of All – Acts 6:8–8:3

Sunday, September 30: Lord of All

Acts 6:8–8:3

Acts 6-8 is one of the most memorable scenes in the whole book. We are introduced to a promising young man named Stephen—he’s full of the Holy Spirit and powerful in all that he does, and he’s put in charge of caring for widows in the early church. But Stephen’s beautiful life evokes criticism from those who resist the claims of Jesus, and just as quickly as he is introduced into the story, he is put on trial and then murdered.

The whole scene is shocking and upsetting. Why would a mob attack a man like Stephen, and why would God allow it to happen?

When we take a closer look at the story, a couple of things stand out. While the mob violence was terrible, God was able to use even that tragedy to build His kingdom. And even the mob that attacked Stephen was not beyond the pale of redemption.

God is able to redeem even tragedies.

Join us this week as we introduce our sermon series on Acts 6-19 called “Lord of All.” We will look to find God in the stoning of Stephen and beyond.

See you on Sunday!


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