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Lord of All Acts – 15:36–16-15

Sunday, December 30: Lord of All

Acts 15:36–16-15

Following the clarification given by the Jerusalem council in Chapter 15, Paul sets out to strengthen and encourage the churches that he, and his missionary team, planted earlier on. The message they have is important, especially for the Gentiles who are still a little unsure of their place as followers of Christ. As Paul travels to deliver the good news, that we are saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus (Acts 15:11), he encounters more than a few “redirections.”

Whether you’ve never yet encountered a plan that failed, or you’ve had a life filled with more switchbacks than straight lines, we all understand at some level that God’s plan is the best plan for us. In the life of Paul, his best intentions for missionary work weren’t always in line with God’s plan. Join us this Sunday as we see Paul finally listening to God, joining into what God is already doing, and see how the gospel is advanced.


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