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Lord of All – Acts 15:1–35

Sunday, December 16: Lord of All

Acts 15:1–35

What does God think about you?Is He happy with your life? Is He disappointed? Are there things He wishes you had done differently?

How often do you wrestle with questions like those? Many of us wrestle with them on occasion. Some of us wrestle with them a lot.

In Acts 15, we encounter people who were unsettled about these questions. They had good reason to be unsettled: some church people they respected told them that they weren’t doing enough—that God wanted more from them. This critique rattled them.

But did these words from well-meaning church people represent the thoughts and words of God? That was not so clear. So, in Acts 15 the church in Jerusalem met to discuss the issue: What is it that God wants from us? Specifically, what does He want from Gentiles? Do they need to be circumcised? Do they need to obey the Law of Moses? Do they need to become Jewish before they can become Christians?

Their decision (or rather, their recognition of what God was doing) had dramatic implications for the church’s self-understanding and for our understanding of what God wants from us.

Join us this week as we talk about the cross, justification, and the life God wants from us. I promise you—you’ll return home more secure in your faith.

See you Sunday!


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