Find God. Be a Friend. Make a Difference.

Life Entwined – Mark 8:27–9:10

Sunday, September 10: Life Entwined

Mark 8:27–9:10


Find God

In Mark 9, the disciples had an astonishing encounter with God. They had grown accustomed to Jesus doing remarkable things, but none of them were expecting what awaited when Jesus invited them up a mountain (presumably to pray). Peter, James, and John hiked with Jesus, and when they got to the top he transformed before their very eyes. Changed was his simple appearance—once homely and modest but now radiant and glorious. Not only that, but beside him appeared Moses and Elijah, and the three of them talked as if nothing strange was going on. Finally, the glory of the Lord enveloped all of them and a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son; listen to him.” (Mark 9:7 ESV)


What if we could find God like that? Honestly, we will probably never encounter God like thatbefore the return of Jesus, but we can encounter God. We can encounter him every day.

This week we start a three-week miniseries called Life Entwined, in which we remind ourselves what we are doing as a church. Believers Fellowship is about three things: worship, spiritual formation, and mission, and this week we are going to start the series by looking at worship.

What does it look like to find God? How do we find him? What happens when we do?

Join us this week as we find out! See you then!