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Letters to the Churches – Ephesians

Sunday, July 23, 2023


The book of Ephesians is a pastoral letter from Paul to the church at Ephesus. It is not written for a specific occasion or issue, rather, is written out of his love for the people of Ephesus as he sits under house arrest. Paul’s writing is in hopes of reminding the church of the truth of Christ and allowing that truth to inform all aspects of their daily lives!

The book is split neatly into two distinct parts. Chapters 1-3 detail¬†God’s grand plan for salvation. Paul repeatedly points to how we are saved, the fullness of the gospel, and the work of the Spirit in these three chapters. The book hinges in chapter 4 with the word “therefore.” In light of all that God has done, this is how you (and we) should live! The invitation in the later chapters is extended to Christians to live as one. Paul harps on the unity of the church, encouraging the believers that the Christian life is not one lived in isolation and solitude.

The believers in Ephesus need each other, as do the believers today. And our need for each other informs every aspect of our lives. In chapters 4, 5, and 6, Paul addresses how that unity informs our personal holiness, marriages, parents and children, and even the workplace! The question for us is- how do we live as one in today’s church and culture?

See you Sunday!

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