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Kingdom Ethics

Kingdom Ethics – Ephesians 4:11–14

Sunday, June 27: Kingdom Ethics

Ephesians 4:11–14

We’re starting a new series this week called “Kingdom Ethics”, where we’ll be taking a look at some of the big cultural topics at work in the church and in culture. Before we get into the particulars however, we’ll be taking a week to consider a few important questions.

What is an ethic in the first place? How do they get formed, and what makes one a “Kingdom” ethic?

How are “Kingdom Ethics” different from any other set of ethics? Don’t people pretty much know what it means to be decent to each other?

How do we go about the work of forming a kingdom ethic at all? How should biblically-informed Christians go about understanding a Godly response to things that aren’t even addressed in the Bible?

It’s a challenging task to engage with a world that invites us to just fit in and be a part of the crowd, but as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God it’s our privilege and our duty to demonstrate to the world around us what it means to be citizens of heaven.

Join us this week as we frame the conversation for our summer series on Kingdom Ethics.

See you Sunday

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