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Joshua Devotional

Joshua – Joshua 3-4

Sunday, April 26: Joshua

Joshua 3-4

In Joshua 3, Israel arrives at the cusp of the Promised Land for a second time. The first time, recorded in Numbers 13, did not go well. Israel sent spies into the land who brought back a mixed report: the land was good, but also well-fortified and inhabited by giants! When the people heard this news, they despaired and resolved to return to Egypt.

God was not happy! He had promised to give them the land. Giants or no, God remains faithful to His word.

But, Israel did not believe and so they wandered the desert for 40 years until an entire generation passed away in the sand.

When Israel faces the banks of the Jordan River in Joshua 3, the giants have not gone anywhere. The fortified cities have not gone anywhere. The milk and honey have not gone anywhere. But, God’s promises have not gone anywhere, either.

How will round 2 turn out?

Join us this week as we wade into Joshua 3–4 and discover the importance of faith. If we want to follow God into Jericho, we must be willing to trust Him at the Jordan. Further, the call to the river is more than just a call to follow; it’s a call to die. But if we obey that call, if we die to self and fix our eyes on Jesus, we find that His way is the way to life.

See you on Sunday! We have a live stream at 9:00 AM and a re-broadcast (with live Facebook commenting) at 10:45.


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