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Joshua Devotional

Joshua – Joshua 24:1-33

Sunday, June 14: Joshua

Joshua 24:1-33

Joshua 24 recounts the last words of Joshua to the people of Israel. This is after the many years of battle, through the conquest of Canaan, and through the varying degrees of faithfulness that the Israelites have shown to God. Through it all God has remained steadfast, just, and faithful.

Joshua recounts where the people have come from, who God is, and then issues them a series of challenges.

Will you be faithful? Who will you serve? What false gods are you still holding onto despite everything you’ve been through? Do you understand that God is holy and will not co-exist with the god’s of your fathers?

Joshua pulls no punches in this chapter, and the challenge to the Israelites here is a challenge to us as well:

Will you serve God, or will you serve the false gods of your fathers?

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