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Joshua Devotional

Joshua – Joshua 10-13:7

Sunday, May 31: Joshua

Joshua 10-13:7

Israel’s decision to start from the instructions of God and to make a covenant with some of the Canaanites has some unexpected consequences this week. Not just for the Israelites, but also for the Gibeonites who have been folded into the family of God.

The decision to follow after God has dramatic consequences that we might not anticipate, and the battles that follow are sure to be intense.

But for Israel, and for the Gibeonites who are now members of the family of God, the promise remains that it is God who will fight for them, and it is God who will deliver them, and it is God who will ultimately secure a place for them.

Join us this Sunday as we see God at work in the lives of His people, and we consider what it means for us that God is at work in our lives.

See you Sunday!


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