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Joseph – Genesis 44:1–34

Sunday, February 25: Joseph

Genesis 44:1–34

In his book on Joseph, God Meant it for Good, R.T. Kendall writes about the material in Genesis 44, “[Y]ou cannot have your life to live over again. What is done is done. Even the blood of Jesus cannot undo the past. It can forgive the past and make you accept the fact that God accepts you, but it cannot undo the past.”Those are some thought-provoking words. You cannot undo the past. You can be forgiven of the past, but you cannot undo it.

But what if you could? Or at least, what if you could make it right? Most of us never get that chance. Joseph’s brothers did.

In Genesis 44, Joseph puts his brothers to a test. He wants to know if they are still the kind of men who would throw him in a cistern or sell him into slavery. So, he sets up his brother Benjamin. Having lavished favoritism on him (like his father did to him with the coat of many colors), he plants a silver cup on him and then falsely accuses him of stealing. Then, he gives his brothers an out—it’s not fair for all of them to suffer for Benjamin’s misdeeds. He offers them the chance to go home to their dad while Benjamin rots in an Egyptian dungeon.

Will they take the bait? Have they changed? They can’t undo what they did to Joseph all those years ago, but they can do things differently with Benjamin. Will they?

Find out on Sunday! See you then!