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Jonah – Jonah 2

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Jonah 2

One of my earlier memories is a tale of summertime loss, and a quick rescue.

I vividly remember a moment of panic, followed by all the sadness a four-year-old could feel when I tripped and slammed a McDonald’s ice cream cone onto the ground.

I had been running without a care in the world on an uneven sidewalk, and my Mom saw what was coming before I even had a clue. I was devastated, but barely had time to cry before she scooped me up to clean me up.

There’s a very predictable pool of responses that we can draw on in these times of sadness, or even in the much more significant situations we experience later in life, and in Jonah chapter 2 we hear both the appropriate response and a warning against futile responses.

The entirety of this chapter records Jonah’s prayer for help, but most significantly it is a prayer made from within the safety of the help that God has already provided. As we look back at our lives, it’s often easier to see how God already was at work by the time we first realized we should be turning to him in the first place.

Join us this week as we consider God’s care for us in our lowest places, and the responses that we have when things fall apart.

See you Sunday!

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