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Jacob – Genesis 35:1–29

Sunday, March 5: Jacob

Genesis 35:1–29

When we think of Jacob, we think of him as one of the great patriarchs. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were the fathers of the Jewish nation—the great patriarchs of the people of God.

However, to this point in his story, Jacob hasn’t acted very patriarchal. In fact, he’s been kind of a rascal. He’s deceived and manipulated and God has had to deliver him from some pretty dire straits. Sure, he’s grown some in the past few chapters, but he’s still not what we think of when we think of the patriarchs.

Well, that changes in chapter 35. In chapter 35, Jacob goes from Jacob the rascal to Israel the patriarch.

At some point in your life, the story stops being about you, and starts being about your legacy. At some point, you become the patriarch or matriarch. Are you ready for that day?

Jacob wasn’t, so God had to remind him of a couple of things. He had to remind him of his story—where he’d been and how God had delivered him. He also had to remind him of his identity—who he was and what he had to hope for. We, too, have a story and we have a new identity in Christ. And when the day comes that we can no longer fall back on our parents for strength and support, it’s only this story and this new identity that can get us through.

See you on Sunday.