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I am with you – John 17:6-19

It seems like there are two kinds of churches. First, there are small churches that care a lot about one another, but who are blind to those on the outside. Then, there are growing churches that reach out a lot to the world, but have little support for one another. Both of these kinds of churches get it half right!

This week we are going to continue our sermon series called I Am with You. We’re going to be in John 17:6–19. In the passage, Jesus prays for unity among his disciples—He wanted them to be one. However, He didn’t pray for unity for unity’s sake. His disciples had a job to do—a job that the world would oppose at every opportunity. Jesus knew that his disciples needed one another’s support if they had any hope of reaching the world with the gospel.

Join us this week as we continue our study of the Upper Room Discourse. We’re going to find out how we can be in community without shutting our eyes to the outside, and how we can be on mission without losing our concern for one another.


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