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I am with you – John 16:25-33

Think about the last time you had to say goodbye to someone you really care about. Maybe it was at an airport with a close friend, or at the end of a family reunion, or perhaps the deathbed of someone you love. Dropping your child off at college for the first time isn’t a cakewalk either. Saying goodbye can be painful.

The goodbye between Jesus and his disciples was no different. Except for the breakfast at Galilee, he has eaten his last meal with his men and this long goodbye known as the “Upper Room Discourse” is nearly over. After this, the only thing left is the closing prayer.

Jesus, however, knows their hearts and their hurt. He also knows, as time runs out, that they will need help to see beyond the crisis of the cross. So he gives his friends four words on which to hang their hope that also have significance for us – joy, love, faith and peace.


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