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Glory – John 20:30–31 Learning to Trust in God

Sunday, June 9, 2024

John 20:30–31 Learning to Trust in God

My oldest son is learning to drive right now—a challenging journey for me in learning to trust! It has nothing to do with him. He’s an intelligent, safe, and responsible young man. Rather, it’s about me learning to see him as a young adult and not the baby we brought home from the hospital 16 years ago.

Zack has proven himself. He studied hard in Driver’s Ed. He passed all the tests. He can tell me the speed limit on a county road when there’s no sign. He can tell me who has the right of way on a roundabout. He can tell me all the things you need to check before changing lanes. I believe that he can drive the car.

But when do I trust him to drive the car?

When I hand over the keys.

Many of us have the same relationship with God. We believe a lot of things about God. He’s good. He’s sovereign. He’s powerful and wise.

But do we trust him enough to hand over the keys of our life?

Faith is trust, and if we want to be disciples of Jesus, we have to move beyond just affirming certain things about God to be true to trusting him with our lives. It’s not easy and it’s not automatic!

This week, we will be finishing our miniseries on discipleship in the Gospel of John. We’ll start in John 20:30–31, but we’ll look at a couple of key passages about faith. So far, we’ve learned how to abide in Christ and how to love as Jesus loved. This week, we are going to end on how to trust in God.

Also, our friend and missionary Dan Kain from Tri-M will be here. He works with pastors around the world who are serving in difficult fields with few fellow believers. Dan is going to share a couple of stories about what he and these brave pastors have learned about trusting in God.

You don’t want to miss it! See you on Sunday!


Service times are at 9:00 & 11:00. If you can’t make it in person, you can watch live at those times.


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