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Glory – John 18:28–40

Sunday, March 10, 2023

John 18:28–40

Jesus’ path to Glory is filled with curves and U-turns. Jesus is in a trial for his life, and he is getting bounced around from one leader to another. From the former high priest to the current high priest. From one Roman authority to another (Pilate is in charge of Jerusalem, but Herod was visiting from Galilee…Jesus was sent back and forth and back again).

It seems that no one knows what to do with Jesus. And to a similar extent, people have the same struggle today. We know Jesus is unique, but is He really the only way to Heaven? People today are not sure what to believe about Jesus. Pilate interrogates Jesus about the kingdom of God, and ends with a timeless question that skeptics and seekers both ask: What is truth? And if we are honest, even strong believers struggle with explaining the truth of Jesus!

So, the question for us this week is the same that Pilate is asking. What is truth? What do we believe about Jesus? How do we explain this to a hurting world?

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