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Glory – John 17:20–26

Sunday, February 18, 2023

John 17:20–26

If you have been with us the past couple of weeks you know we are on the last lap of our study series in the Gospel of John. This final section, called Glory, will take us to Easter and beyond.

At this point Jesus has wrapped up his final instructions to the disciples in what we call the Upper Room Discourse. Now he is in the process of closing in prayer. The cross is just a few hours away and for that reason this prayer has been called, “The last will and testament of Jesus Christ.”

So far he has prayed for himself. Then he prayed for his close friends, the disciples. But now he turns his attention toward the distant horizon. He prays for future generations of Christians.

In other words, he prays for you and me. He doesn’t call us by name but it is clear he has us in mind. The question is this. In the shadow of the cross, what is the most important thing on the heart of Jesus as he prays for us. That’s what we’re going to talk about this week. See you on Sunday.


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