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Easter 2022

Sunday, April 17: Easter

Mark 16:1–8

In Mark 16, three women visit the tomb of Jesus to care for his body. On their way to the tomb, they realize that they have a problem—the mouth of Jesus’ tomb is blocked by a huge stone, and the three of them are not strong enough to roll it away!

The stone was keeping them from God.

I think many of us sympathize with the women—we’re looking for God but there are stones in the way. These stones can be fear of what God might call us to do, guilt about things we have done or things we are doing, or reluctance to surrender parts of our life to God.

Some of these stones can be massive!

If you know the Easter story, you know the surprise these women were in for. Their story is a lesson for us, as well! The stones that keep us from God might be too big for us to roll away, but they are not too big for Jesus!

Happy Easter! See you on Sunday!

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