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Champs & Misfits – Hebrews 11:23–31

Sunday, November 19: Champs & Misfits

Hebrews 11:23–31

In Matthew 13, Jesus tells this story about a guy considering a piece of property. He goes out to inspect the land and decide whether or not it’s worth the asking price. While he’s poking around in the dirt, he notices something shiny. Curious, he digs around the shiny object and discovers that a small chest is buried in the dirt. By the looks of it, it’s been buried here for ages, long forgotten by its owner. Upon opening it, the man discovers that it is filled with gold and jewels! There is a fortune buried in this plot of land!

Immediately, the man looks around to see who has witnessed his discovery. No one is there. He’s the only one who knows the true value of the field.

The man quickly buries the chest and goes to make a full-price offer on the field. To his dismay, he learns that another buyer has offered more than full price. A bidding war ensues: ten percent over market, then twenty percent, then thirty percent. In his desperation, the man tells the seller, “I will give you everything I have. I will sell my house, my furniture, my animals, my clothing, everything. I will give you double what the land is worth.”

Deal. The seller smirks at his good fortune.

But the buyer skips away joyfully to sell everything he has, knowing that he just made the deal of his life.

Jesus says the kingdom of God is like that. It demands our all, but it’s worth far more than the price.

In Hebrews 11:23-31, we read about a man who got that. Moses had everything: money, power, prestige, influence. And yet, he joyfully gave it all up to be mistreated along with his Hebrew brothers and sisters.


He knew that the riches of God were worth far more than the fleeting pleasures of Egypt.

Join us this week as we unearth the treasure of the better country. See you then!