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Abide – 1 John 4:1–6

There are times in life when you come to a crossroads. A major decision lies in front of you, and your choice promises to affect your life for years to come. What do we do in those situations? How do we know that we are following God with our choice?

This week we are going to continue our Abide sermon series by looking at 1 John 4:1–6. In it, John writes to an Ephesian church that was at such a crossroads. The church had recently been through turmoil and a portion of the congregation had left to plant its own church.

Now they were encouraging those who stayed behind to join them. “It’s okay,” they said. “It’s God’s will for you to come with us.” They were adding prophetic authority to their call to join them.

We all want to know God’s will when we make a decision. Spiritual authorities (priests, prophets, ministers) have always been a source for wisdom in making decisions, but how do we know which voice to trust?

John tells us that we are not as helpless in these situations as we might think. In fact, God is with us and He has promised to guide us in our path. We just need to learn to abide in Him.


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