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Living Stones – 1 Peter 2:1–10

Sunday, April 24: Living Stones

1 Peter 2:1–10

The series we’re in is called “Living Stones” and this week we’ll be covering the verse that gave us that title. Peter uses the metaphor of the Living Stone to describe Jesus, and describes us as being like living stones as well.

But what are we building? What is it made of? What is it for?

There’s quite a bit of difference between building a hospital and building a fortress, and who we are as the body of Christ is going to be influenced by what we believe about what it looks like when we gather together.

Speaking of, there’s quite an important difference between building a castle and building a sand castle. An igloo might be a great choice in some settings, but it’s not great desert real estate.

All of these metaphors get at the idea that we, as living stones, are invited to be the house of God on Earth. We’re invited to be the place where people can go to experience God, because we are where God has chosen to reside.

Join us this Sunday as we talk about Peter’s challenge to us to be like “living stones” to the world around us. See you Sunday!
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