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Hospital Mask

Update: Hospital Mask Drive Successful!

March 26 Update: The response to the call for masks was strong and the hospital is set!

We are looking for other essential industries to donate to (grocery stores, clinics, etc.). If you have homemade masks, we will still take them, but the call to make more has ended. We are still accepting N95 masks for the hospitals,


Previous Announcement from March 24

Thank you for helping during this crisis! We are conducting a mask drive to be donated to Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton.

These are the masks which our ICU nurses are sewing. There’s a pocket along the top in which we can place a piece of fluid-impervious sheeting. Each day, each staff member will receive a clean piece of this impervious sheeting from Harrison’s central supply department. This will be disposed of at the end of the shift and the mask will be taken home to launder and reuse.


  • 16×8 inch piece of 100% cotton (pre-washed)
  • TWO – 32-inch pieces of ½-inch cotton twill tape
  • Thread

Make sure to leave a pocket across the finished top. Beginning size for the fabric was 16×8 inches. Once sown, the mask itself measures about 4×7 inches. We used cotton twill because it’s inexpensive and easy, but polyester tape or bias tape could work also.

Get in touch when you’re ready for me to do a porch pick up! Alternately, you can do a porch drop-off at one of two locations (Gig Harbor or Port Orchard). Contact Brooke at for addresses for our drop off sights.  Please include this tax donation form so that Harrison can acknowledge you.

May God bless you!

Brooke Edwards