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Church Center

Church Center

If you’ve been at church on Sundays or watching online, you have heard announcements about Church Center. There is even a QR code on the back of the paper bulletin that gets you there and lots of links in the electronic bulletin to specific places within Church Center. Let’s try to clear up a few things.

What is Church Center?

Church Center is the place to go to see and/or sign up for groups or register for one-time events. There is a Church Center web page that you can get to by following any of the links on this page. There is also an app that you can download from your favorite source. They both work exactly the same.

How Does it Work?

The organization is very simple. Right now, you have two options: Groups or Signups. (There is also a Directory feature but we aren’t using it at this time.) If you tap or click on either choice, you are taken to a page with all kinds of options.

Groups: This is the place for ongoing opportunities. You will find Life Groups, Bible and Book studies, groups for just women and groups for just men, and even volunteer opportunities. If you belong to any groups, they will be shown at the top. The rest of the groups are listed by category. If you tap or click on a category, you will see all the available groups. If you choose a group, you will see a description, schedule and find contact information for the group leader. You can even ask to join the group.

Signups: This is the place to register for one-time events or if we need to collect specific registration information from attendees. If we need help at a grounds clean-up work party, you will find it here. If BFSM is bringing in a guest speaker, you would sign up here.


Doesn’t Believers Fellowship already have an app?

Yes. You can find it in your favorite app store by searching for “Believers Fellowship.” It has a tremendous amount of information and features, including a link to Church Center!

Why can’t we just have paper sign-up sheets like we used to?

Sometimes we do, however, Church Center allows you to sign up much more efficiently because if you’ve been here before, your information is already saved. There is also less of a chance that we will misread something.

I know someone who doesn’t have a cell phone or computer but wants to sign up for something.

You can sign up for them or have them stop by the Welcome Desk on Sunday and we’ll help. Anyone can also call the church office between 9:00 and 4:00 M-Th and we’ll be glad to help too.