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FISH Food Bank

FISH Food Bank

The Gig Harbor Peninsula FISH Food Bank is our featured charity for the month of May.

Neighbor helping neighbor 

Gig Harbor Peninsula FISH Food Bank and Community Services is a volunteer-led, nonprofit organization that has been helping neighbors in need since 1976. With dedicated community support, GHP FISH provides food and other assistance to our Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula neighbors—with dignity, compassion, and encouragement. There are many ways you can help. Visit this link to find ways you can donate or volunteer.

Believers Fellowship will be partnering with FISH in the month of May on Sunday mornings through informative videos and hosting a drive for items they are in most need of. If you would like to support FISH Food Bank, you can drop off food items in the foyer during the month of May. The following are especially needed:

  • Jam & Peanut butter
  • Chili
  • Tuna
  • Pork & beans
  • Juice
  • Pasta side dishes
  • Cereal
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Tooth brushes & paste
  • Diapers lg size 5 or 6
 Learn more about FISH 
  • Established in 1976, GHP FISH is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization that partners with Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula residents to provide assistance to those in need. 
  • GHP FISH’s operations budget is supported primarily by donations from local businesses, churches, community friends and family. 
  • In-kind donations of food, groceries, clothing, small household goods, books and toys provide essentials (and some fun) to those in need. 
  • Financial assistance helps families and individuals during difficult times of transition or financial emergency. 
  • Financial aid assists responsible students with non-tuition education costs and transportation needs. 
  • GHP FISH is a faith-based, non-denominational, non-discriminatory organization that seeks to serve all our neighbors with respect, dignity, and compassion. 
  • GHP FISH is more than a place where our neighbors seek tangible support. Our volunteer staff provides comfort, a listening ear and a caring heart while serving. 
FISH Services 
  • Food Bank – emergency food assistance for those with unexpected financial issues. Groceries are provided to low-income, disabled, elderly individuals and others with the expectation that those who are able will be actively seeking work to improve their situation. Beyond groceries, clients may select clothing, books, toys and other household goods as available. 
  • Financial Aid – GHP FISH provides limited help with rent, water and electricity bills, prescriptions and other critical situations. Note: Phone costs (land-line or cell), rent deposits, cable services, rental damage charges or electrical membership fees are not eligible for assistance. Additionally, there is limited educational financial aid for low-income college, GED and vocational school students for expenses such as books, supplies, exam/license fees and transportation. Students must be in good standing and remain in good standing. 
  • Clothing, Small Household Goods and Books – clients approved for food bank services may select used/new donated clothing and have access on a first come basis to donated household goods.  Donated books are available to all clients to help their children improve their reading skills.  All items are available to clients at no charge.  (Suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions, except for necessities supplied upon request.) 
  • Urgent Transportation – volunteer drivers provide rides to the doctor and medical treatments (including chemotherapy and radiation appointments) when residents have no other transportation option. Additionally, rides are offered to and from the food bank site as drivers are available. (Suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions. Volunteers deliver from the food bank to non-driving clients’ homes.) 
  • Social Service Access – GHP FISH provides access to a variety of visiting social service agencies such as DSHS, Senior Housing, South Sound Alliance, SHIBA Medicare and health insurance counseling by offering referrals and temporary counseling space. Enrollment support for food stamps and Medicare financial assistance is available by appointment. Every effort is made to coordinate financial assistance with other agencies and organizations.  
  • Holiday Baskets and Toy Program – qualified families receive special holiday food and children’s toys based on their needs.  
  • School Counselors Program –  support for needs identified by Peninsula School District counselors, such as:  
  • Counseling Services – GHP FISH works with school counselors who identify children along with their families to receive after-school counseling with selected private counselors.  
  • Founder’s Fund – school counselors may access a fund for low-income children to help pay for shoes, clothing, prescriptions or other special needs.  
  • Summer Camp or Tutoring – school counselors can facilitate summer camp enrollment to keep student’s skills current during the summer.