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Kidstuction Building Project 2019


Here are all the details on the Kidstruction project.

What is the Kidstruction Project?

Over the next few years, we will be developing a Family Ministry to equip parents to train their children in faith. This transition will mean new staff and new roles for existing staff, new family-focused curriculum, and new programs for families.

The transition also demands some changes in the building. Specifically, the Children’s Ministry space needs a facelift (some places haven’t been renovated since 1984!). We also want to improve security, consolidate the nursery, add classrooms for Children’s Ministry and Life Groups, and add office space for new staff. To accomplish this, we are going to add a second floor on top of the Blue Room.

When will construction start?

Construction will have two stages: (1) a first-floor renovation in 2019, and (2) a second-floor addition in 2020. We hope to renovate the first floor Children’s Ministry area June-October 2019, but we won’t be able to add the second floor until May of 2020. We hope to finish by Christmas 2020.

How do I give?

You can support the Kidstruction Project through the offering boxes, designating checks “Building Project.” You can also give online or through the app, designating “Children’s Ministry Remodel 2019.”