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Kidstuction Building Project 2019

Kidstruction Update

The Kidstruction project has started and we are getting close to completing the first phase!

Over the next few years, we will be developing a Family Ministry to equip parents to train their children in faith. This transition will mean new staff and new roles for existing staff, new family-focused curriculum, and new programs for families.

The transition also demands some changes in the building. Specifically, the Children’s Ministry space needs a facelift (some places haven’t been renovated since 1984!). We also want to improve security, consolidate the nursery, add classrooms for Children’s Ministry and Life Groups, and add office space for new staff. To accomplish this, we are going to add a second floor on top of the Blue Room.

Visual Improvements to the Children’s Ministry Space

The children’s ministry space is in the oldest part of the building. Some of it has not been renovated since 1984! The space needs some love. Some of the visual improvements include:

  • Polished concrete in the hallways
  • New doors to match the newer parts of the building
  • New window treatments and blinds
  • New carpeting and flooring in the classrooms
  • New lighting
  • Fresh paint

New Office Space for Future Staff Additions

Our growing church will need additional staff members in the future, but there is no place to put them! To solve this problem, we are adding a second story on top of the Blue Room. This will create approximately 2000 square feet of additional space for offices and work stations. This new space will allow us to expand our residency program so that Believers Fellowship becomes a training laboratory for young people excited for ministry.

New Functionality for the Children’s Ministry

Since the children’s ministry space was constructed piecemeal over 40 years, it isn’t the most efficient layout. The ministry sprawls the entire footprint of the building, making picking up kids of different ages a headache. We are consolidating the children’s ministry space, which will improve security and make picking up kids easier. We’re also adding a second hallway by the Blue Room and electronic check-in, which will improve traffic flow.

New Classrooms for Family-friendly Life Groups

The family-friendly life groups have been a huge success. Every square inch of the church is used on Sunday afternoons by these groups, and they continue to expand. Once we add the second story above the Blue Room, we can move all of the staff offices upstairs. This will open up more space for children’s ministry and family-friendly life groups.

What is the construction schedule?

Construction will have two stages: (1) a first-floor renovation in 2019, and (2) a second-floor addition within the next five years. We hope to renovate the first floor Children’s Ministry area June-October 2019, but we won’t be able to add the second floor until later.

How much will this cost and how do I give?

While we anticipate the total cost of both phases to be about $1.3 million, the cost for 2019 is $400,000. This initial phase will give the existing space the much-needed facelift. We will fundraise the rest before adding the second floor above the Blue Room.

We have been given a personal loan for $200,000. We have also received a matching-funds donation of $100,000 and thanks to your generosity, we have reached that matching-funds goal! Anything we raise now will go toward reducing our loan debt. I am excited about the future of the children’s ministry at our church! Together, we can make this happen.

You can support the Kidstruction Project through the offering boxes, designating “Kidstruction” on your check. You can also give online or through the app, choosing “Kidstruction” from the drop-down menu. Thank you for your support!