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Daily Devotionals Witness

Daily Devotionals for Witness

Welcome to the Daily Devotionals for the sermon series “Witness.” We are dividing the series into three groups. Our third, and final, installment is now ready for download. You can get it by clicking here. If you would like to download Part 1, click here. You can get Part 2 by clicking here. There are also hard copies of the current devotionals at the Welcome Desk and we post them daily on our Facebook page.

As a part of our Witness series, we’ll be looking at the lives of witnesses to the gospel of Jesus Christ that have gone ahead of us throughout history.

Starting in the New Testament, we’ll look at how members of the early church demonstrated what it looks like to be a witness to the gospel, even in the face of persecution. As our series continues we’ll trace those who paid the ultimate price for the cause of Christ through the early church and up to the present day.

Our hope is that in paying attention to how they responded to the opposition they faced, we’ll discover ways that we can be challenged and encouraged in our own witness. Thank you for taking the time to remember our brothers and sisters who have given their life for the gospel, both in history past and today.

Jeremiah Hinton
Pastoral Resident