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Our monthly fundraising is 4US. They raise money to purchase ultrasound machines for centers like Care Net. Over 90% of women who see an ultrasound of their baby choose life. Unfortunately, these machines are expensive, and so not every crisis pregnancy center has one. 4US raises money for equipment and training so that more centers can take advantage of this valuable resource. You can find out more at

4US Adopt-a-Center

4US was founded in response to one question: What are you doing about abortion?
This ministry was started with one mission in mind: Save as many lives as we can. The most lives being saved every day are in our nation’s pregnancy centers. 


The mission of 4US is to Illuminate hope for pregnant women in crisis through the power of ultrasound. The goal is to place an ultrasound machine in every pregnancy center.  

Our machines illuminate hope

Upon seeing her baby’s image on an ultrasound machine and being assured of lasting support in one of our beneficiary centers, over 90% of women will choose life. Every machine we provide helps save 1,000 lives. 

Our centers eliminate fear

The centers we support are on the front lines in hundreds of communities across the nation. They deliver the loving care, superior support, and fact-based information that women and families need to emerge from the darkness of fear and see the light of hope. 


$18,000 guarantees a center receives a machine and Believers Fellowship has a generous donor who is willing to match all donations up to that amount! We believe our church can buy an ultrasound machine that will save countless lives! You can give online by choosing the 4US fund or by dropping a check in the giving box with “4US” in the memo. 

Numbers that echo into eternity… 
  • 90% of women choose life upon seeing their baby on one of our ultrasound machines.
  • 1:1000 Every machine will help save 1,000 lives.
  • 100% of your donation goes directly to the mission. 
  • ZERO overhead. We’re volunteers. 
  • $25 can save 1 life. (The typical cost of a machine/number of lives it will save.) 
  • 1. It only takes 1 person to impact eternity. Let us help you multiply your impact.