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Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards

Matt helps plan our Sunday morning worship services, teaches about 50% of the Sundays, leads our community outreach efforts, and develops staff members. He also likes to create new ministries. He is most likely to begin a sentence with “What if we . . . .”

Matt studied Cross-cultural Ministry at Cedarville University (B.A. 2000) before attending Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M. in New Testament Theology, 2005). He did a one-year stint in the Ph.D. program at DTS (New Testament Theology) before dropping out to come to Believers Fellowship in 2006. He finished his D.Min. in Semiotics and Future Studies from George Fox University in 2016.

What is your favorite book (outside of the Bible)? Why?

My life changed forever when I read What’s So Amazing about Grace? By Philip Yancey. Yancey is an amazing writer and storyteller and his book helped me understand that God liked me for who I was.

Star Trek or Star Wars? Why?

Star Wars. Better characters. Less science and philosophy and better storytelling. Also AT-ATs.